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Quantity or Quality?

There are currently many challenges facing the entertainment industry, not least piracy. Recently, major UK ISPs have announced that they’ll be banding together in a united front against the piracy of content online. Their solution? A letter in the post educating offenders of the risks (hefty fines, mainly) of downloading content illegally. Just recently, though,…

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On The Move!

So, after a few years of working cheek-by-jowl at full office capacity. The time has come to up sticks and move from our much loved Charlotte Mews home to our brand new air conditioned two story office space! With twice the room, new furniture and yellow walls it’s involved a huge team endeavor to ensure…

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Through the seasons

A few months ago I found myself entrenched in the dull but necessary annual task of archiving the previous years work. However laborious a task it seemed at the time it did, ultimately, provide me with the chance to look over the years work as a whole and proved inspiration for this next blog post.…

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