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Game On!

On 1 February a World [American] Football champion will be crowned after two teams battle it out in the Super Bowl. A series of unofficial winners will also earn bragging rights, including the funniest, most ridiculous, and cutest. We’re talking about Super Bowl ads. Brands that have $4m to spend for every 30 seconds of…

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Nice Work, Dummy!

As we closed out 2014, all of us ‘Westers worked right up until Christmas. One of the final projects that we closed out the year with was Universal Pictures’ Dumb & Dumber To, the sequel starring comedy legends Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels that came 20 years after the original. And what better way ride…

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Magnifique Results for Micky

Our PR team has been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some big A-list talent. It comes with the territory, darling. A few months back we were asked by Universal Pictures to work with them on the release of Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France. To be more specific than that, Micky’s own agent had requested…

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