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Buzzword: Vlogger Engagement

Have you heard of The Cheeky One (Marcus Butler), The Prankster (Caspar Lee) or The Beauty Queen (Tanya Burr)? While these could be nicknames given, to co-workers, they are actually names of a number of high profile vloggers – aka video bloggers. Clients often ask us, particularly in PR, about engaging vloggers as part of…

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Yellow Fever

Once again the office is awash with yellow, and we aren’t talking about one-half of the colours of the Zero Degrees West brand. If you haven’t heard, the adorable little creatures – the Minions – from Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 have their very own spin-off, the aptly named Minions. The little guys have…

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You Go, Girl

There are many effective tools in our PR arsenal – reviews, clips, blogger outreach, events, stunts, competitions, media drops, etc. etc. etc. – the list is seemingly endless. However, nothing seems to make the ears of journalists, and in turn consumers, perk up more than talent access. As we take any PR brief from our…

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