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Home-Grown Talent

We often get calls here at Zero Degrees West HQ from budding filmmakers, looking our help at various stages of the filmmaking process. We have done a large number of pro bono (or near enough) projects in recent years, to support an industry that we love and has been so kind to us over the years. It…

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A Legendary Effort

Much like the recent solar eclipse, every so often the ZDW crew will work on both the theatrical and home entertainment release at the same time. One such instance was for the Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures title The Seventh Son – a supernatural adventure of magic, mystery and dark arts starring Jeff Bridges and…

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Bodacious and Gnarly

When the heroes (in a half-shell) of your latest PR campaign are CGI creations, a strategic approach is called for. We recently publicised the launch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD and proved just how valuable partnerships can be in driving awareness. Our brief for this campaign was two-fold; reach…

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Apple Watch – Unaffordable Luxury?

In case you missed it, Apple recently announced their latest bid to take over the world with the street date and pricing for the Apple Watch. The one thing that makes Apple such a success is the relative affordability of the products, despite the perception of these products being luxury (also relative) items. Many p­eople…

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