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The Future is Back!

Great Scott! If our calculations are correct, October 21st 2015 marked the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to the future. Across the world people celebrated this historic day in a terrific film franchise. To celebrate the occasion, we produced our own 10 year anniversary logo in the style of the film. Pretty heavy.…

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Experts at Everything.

NEVER a dull moment in PR. Some weeks we’re struck by the sheer randomness of working in PR. No two days are alike, and the sheer amount of random knowledge we are amassing in the ZDW PR team is astonishing. For example, last week we attended a fire-eating masterclass with some of our favourite journalist…

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Buy Another Day

Bond is an institution. Not only in Britain but worldwide these days. And evermore so, Bond has become a marketing institution, with product placements becoming as much a part of the pre-awareness campaign as the trailering and ‘who’s the next Bond Girl’ chatter, or ‘who’ll sing the next title track’. While we won’t get into…

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