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RIP Black Friday?

Well it’s that time of year again, where we all come together to share a special moment. Thanksgiving? Christmas? No, Black Friday, a holiday in it’s own right, where consumers share a common goal – get there first and score the best deal. It’s a perennial media headline (usually for the wrong reasons). And of…

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Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! Being the trans-Atlantic bunch that we are these days, we need to observe (or at least acknowledge) holidays on both sides of the pond. Much to staff disappointment, though, we don’t close offices for the other’s holiday. {sadface} But as we think of our US colleagues and clients stuffing themselves with turkey, we’ve canvassed…

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Secret Life Of Stars

While documentaries have always been popular, this year has seen a spate of beautifully-crafted high-profile celebrity documentaries hit the big screen. With many film distributors recognising the drawing power of revealing unseen angles of celebrity profiles in a tasteful format, more and more are forking out to immortalise these iconic faces in docu-film. Also released…

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