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PR brings Good Fortune as China Awakens

You wouldn’t know it from the opening weekend numbers – $53 million in ticket sales and China’s highest ever opening weekend – but initially Disney may have had a problem taking the mighty Star Wars to the east, currently the world’s second largest box office and fastest growing film market.  All the smart money (and…

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Don’t Get Emoji’tional, Everyone’s At It!

Many of us use them on a daily basis, initially a ‘fun’ shorthand way to express a range of emotions from love to laughter, they have evolved to incorporate around 850 different everyday objects and emotions. Born over 33 years ago, emoticons as we use them today can be traced back to Scott Fahlman, a professor at…

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Blue Monday: Money Can Buy Happiness

For those of you fortunate enough to live in a place where there is a surplus of sunshine and warmth, Blue Monday is likely to be less of a ‘thing’. However, if these things are at a premium (as it is for those in the London HQ between October and April), Blue Monday is a…

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