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How do you promote a film about life on Mars? You planet.

Creating enticing editorial content for a home entertainment PR campaign can sometimes be more challenging in comparison to its predecessor – ‘The Theatrical Campaign’. A number of effective tactics can be used to promote the release of a DVD – press trips, media drops, stunts and the creation of picture stories. The main issues faced…

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Social Cinema – Are you part of the experiment?

Could the way we consume films be changing forever? To be honest I doubt it but it’s definitely exciting to see how social platforms continue to develop as marketeers, creatives and brands experiment and evolve the way they utilise them to release content and engage consumers. Last Monday saw the release of Shield 5, the…

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Snow Worries, We Love an Arctic Run!

Polar bears, penguins and snow are not usually the first words you associate with London, but last Sunday (31st January) the streets of London were transformed for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run. Starting at Trafalgar Square and travelling through London, past iconic landmarks such as Whitehall, St Pauls Cathedral and Bank of England, a…

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