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What’s Old is New Again

At Zero Degrees West, it isn’t all red carpets and premiere parties. A lot of what we do comes after the initial hype machine has powered down, and it’s our job to hold the audiences’ attention and let them know the film or TV show is available to take home. In addition to the traditional…

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Campaigns With Fox

This month, Zero Degrees West got to work on two very exciting campaigns for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment! From dancing Trolls to children with extraordinary powers, this is what we’ve been getting up to… Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Early on in February, the home entertainment for Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children landed. Directed by…

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Pack(ag)ing a Punch.

By now you’re aware that, here at Zero Degrees West, we’re huge fans of beautifully designed film packaging – you could almost say it’s in our blood. From the HMV presentation at the launch of BASE to this week’s no. 1 & 2 Sellers on the Amazon DVD chart, more and more retailers and studios…

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Don’t Get Emoji’tional, Everyone’s At It!

Many of us use them on a daily basis, initially a ‘fun’ shorthand way to express a range of emotions from love to laughter, they have evolved to incorporate around 850 different everyday objects and emotions. Born over 33 years ago, emoticons as we use them today can be traced back to Scott Fahlman, a professor at…

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Secret Life Of Stars

While documentaries have always been popular, this year has seen a spate of beautifully-crafted high-profile celebrity documentaries hit the big screen. With many film distributors recognising the drawing power of revealing unseen angles of celebrity profiles in a tasteful format, more and more are forking out to immortalise these iconic faces in docu-film. Also released…

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ZDW visit Pick Me Up

The design team check out Pick Me Up.


Technology with Style

We love a good bit of telly over at ZDW towers (Tuesday morning GoT spoilers are a minefield) so imagine our joy to be working with TV brand Linsar. Linsar are an independent British brand whose ethos is to provide innovative, high quality sets at affordable prices with a customer care focus. As they continue to…

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The Art of Politics

We haven’t been the only people working our socks off recently – the scent of political discourse has been in the air this month, and alongside the heated debates, extensive press coverage and childish name-calling, design has – as ever – played a significant role in party propaganda. Political parties are a brand, and like…

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Books Collection

No Reading Required

This is the one case when you can judge a book by its cover. The ZDW office just received a stack of the beautiful Book Adaptation range, which was conceived and designed in-house by our creative team.  Noticing the potential in a campaign which brought to life the people and places from our favourite books, we…

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Home-Grown Talent

We often get calls here at Zero Degrees West HQ from budding filmmakers, looking our help at various stages of the filmmaking process. We have done a large number of pro bono (or near enough) projects in recent years, to support an industry that we love and has been so kind to us over the years. It…

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