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The Edinburgh Fringe Low-down

With no more bank holidays for a whole 3 months (!) our thoughts are turning towards filling our summer with fun. Luckily, we get to combine a little bit of work and play with the biggest date in the comedy calendar fast approaching – the mother of all arts festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe. Kicking off…

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PR brings Good Fortune as China Awakens

You wouldn’t know it from the opening weekend numbers – $53 million in ticket sales and China’s highest ever opening weekend – but initially Disney may have had a problem taking the mighty Star Wars to the east, currently the world’s second largest box office and fastest growing film market.  All the smart money (and…

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Netflix Oz

Less is More for Netflix in Oz

As the age-old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, and while this isn’t quite the case with Netflix, they appear to be applying, “Join us, beat ‘em” strategy when it comes to tackling piracy in the industry. A lot of the work we do is in the entertainment category, and as a…

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Magnifique Results for Micky

Our PR team has been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some big A-list talent. It comes with the territory, darling. A few months back we were asked by Universal Pictures to work with them on the release of Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France. To be more specific than that, Micky’s own agent had requested…

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ZDW goes to the Deep South

To publicise the Blu-ray and DVD release of American Horror Story: Coven, which is set in New Orleans, we journeyed to The Big Easy to uncover the truth behind voodoo, witchcraft and Jessica Lange. Joined by journalists from Daily Star Sunday and Mail Online, we started our tour of the underbelly of the city in…

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On The Move!

So, after a few years of working cheek-by-jowl at full office capacity. The time has come to up sticks and move from our much loved Charlotte Mews home to our brand new air conditioned two story office space! With twice the room, new furniture and yellow walls it’s involved a huge team endeavor to ensure…

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