When it comes to interactive assets, we’re bossing it

Fortunately for us, working for Universal Pictures is nothing like working for Jordan Sanders, and we were thrilled work alongside the US team to spark excitement with our theatrical campaign for Little.

Our assets used the title’s core themes of body-swapping and the ‘boss from hell’ to spark intrigue in our female, comedy-loving fans, while we got to work employing some platform-specific and mobile-optimised content to stop tappers and scrollers in their tracks.

Pushing some hilarious body-swapping action, our character transformation animation lived across Facebook and Instagram as an interactive ‘tap to’ Story, whilst also capturing attention as a Snapchat ad for fans to use the exclusive Little Lens. Meanwhile, we channelled the overbearing boss with an interactive Story that dared fans to answer the call from Jordan – capitalising on screen space and delivering fun, targeted creative to a mobile audience.

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