In case you haven’t noticed, brands are putting more and more emphasis on interactive content (particularly social) in place of more traditional media, such as TV or press. Working with our clients, we’re continually exploring new ways of engaging consumers. It seems like new functionality launches almost daily, and it’s our job to stay ahead of the curve and find innovative ways to utilise in our campaigns. Here, we look at a few platforms and functionality that have been on our radar.

Launched in Feb 2016, but now becoming ‘mainstream’, Facebook Canvas allows users to explore and navigate their own viewing of the ad, and gives the option of including more engaging assets such as image carousels and tilt-to-pan (using phone gyroscope) videos. “But why bother?” we hear you ask. According to AdParlor, marketing using a Canvas has shown a 30% increase in view-to-completion rates when compared to the traditional 15 – 30 second video ads. When it comes to utilising them for film marketing, Marvel Studios stunned audiences by linking various canvas’ together to create an immersive ‘universe’ to promote the release of Doctor Strange.

Did you know that, in the USA alone, a certain image-messaging app is used by 41% of all 18 to 34 year-olds on a daily basis? You guessed it – Snapchat! Love it or hate it, this app can’t be ignored. Studios are engaging the image-messaging app by paying for sponsored lenses and filters, as well as creating Snapchat Stories of exclusive content. This, in turn, encourages fans to take part in ‘subliminal’ marketing. At the end of January, our very own Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filter went live at the annual Celebration of Harry Potter event at Universal Studios, Orlando! Over the course of the event, tens of thousands were exposed to the creative and visitors could share Snaps of themselves with fan-favourites Niffler, Erumpent and Thunderbird.

We’ve also been working frequently with Instagram Stories, a function that’s similar to Snapchat, where Stories can only be accessed for 24 hours. Two months after its launch at the end of the summer in 2016, Instagram reported that it had 100 million daily users of the Stories feature – that’s two-thirds of the daily active-user population of Snapchat!

Instagram have also expanded into creating Slide Shows! Users can now select up to 10 different images and videos in one single post, allowing people to create a story without having to break it down into different images and videos. Such a tool will provide useful to studios in the future; they’ll be able to create stories using still images, videos, Boomerangs, and GIFs, creating fantastic stories as well as providing behind-the-scenes content. Launched just weeks ago, we’re already creating assets specifically for this functionality. Watch this space!

With continued investment and emphasis on user-engagement on digital platforms, we can’t wait to push the limit further and ultimately create more ‘never-been-done-before’ content to interact with audiences. These new tools, and more on the horizon, keep us excited for what lies ahead.