For those of you out there who are married, or are looking forward to your forthcoming nuptials, you will understand that it’s a pretty big deal. One of the biggest live events you’ll probably ever organise, with a host of potential catastrophes lurking at every moment. The gravitas of which made even more spectacular if it’s being streamed live across the world for everyone to see.

There certainly can’t be any room for error here and the same can be said for your brand’s live-streamed event. So, in honour of the upcoming Royal extravaganza, and in true matrimonial style, we thought we would share our top tips for making sure your live social media event goes without a hitch (or ideally ‘with’ if you’re Harry and Megs).


The Guestlist

Knowing your audience is key when choosing the right platforms to stream on. Think about your demographics and where they are most likely to gather. With this in mind, Facebook celebrated two years of live streaming in April and remains the biggest platform for live video audiences. In fact, one in five videos on the social network are now live broadcasts.


The Co-Ordinator

For a professional execution, don’t rely on using a smartphone to capture your content. Using dedicated streaming software such as OBS Studio means you can film your live content through HD cameras or even stream a multi-camera production, ensuring your audience are getting a more engaging and multi-dimensional experience. Hiring a production crew to take care of technical details will give you room to focus on what’s going on in shot.


The Dress

Did you know, colour increases brand recognition by up to 80% and consistent brand presentation increases revenue by 23%? So, show off your style and ensure the viewer can see your branding. Using streaming software will also allow for graphic overlays like title cards and logos, keeping your branding looking sharp.


Save the Date

Luckily for Megs and Harry, they’re not short of publicity, but if you want to pull in the big crowds, make sure you publicise your live event across social channels well in advance. Remember, people can recall content after just 0.25 seconds so it’s worth the investment.


The Wedding Rehearsal

Like any big wedding, your live event needs a rehearsal. Plan every element including set, camera angles and framing.

  • Is your background distracting?
  • Which orientation will work best for your content?
  • Does your branding need to be in shot?
  • Will the time of day affect light levels?

You can perfect your live shoot using a private broadcast and straighten out any problems before the big day.


The Evening Guests

Streaming live means there will always be latecomers to the party, so make sure to re-introduce your content periodically, reminding audiences who or what they are watching and what they might have missed. Also, make sure to tag the location of your video when you stream so more audiences can discover your video while it’s live.


Left at the altar?

So, what do you do if the unthinkable happens? You suddenly lose connection or, heaven forbid, the ex makes an impromptu entrance? It’s important to know what you are going to do if something goes wrong. Organise a ready-prepared post or announcement image that reassures your audience you’re sorting the problem or where to find further content. Have a back up camera or smartphone set up ready to go, and if you are using your venue’s Wi-Fi, make sure you have reliable 4G coverage at hand. With all of the above sorted, you’ll be streaming again in no time, stopping your audience from leaving the party early.


The Honeymoon

Once the big event has come to a close, keep the romance going by making your live video a permanent piece on your page. Also, think about repurposing some of the insight from your event as a piece for print, range of social images or an infographic.

The key word is planning. First, picture the piece in your mind in exact detail from beginning to end. How will you set up the location? Who are the main characters? How will your shots transition from one to the other? What story are you trying to tell? And finally, how can you make it interesting and engaging? Knowing the answers to these questions before you start filming is half the battle won
Ben Lloyd, Head of AV at ZDW


The Prenup

Not really keen to leave it all up to fate? Well you’re in luck! VP of Product at Facebook, Figji Simo, announced in April that the social network are testing a new live format called Facebook Premieres that will enable users to post pre-recorded video as a live moment. Meaning that you can still create the exclusivity and audience interaction of Facebook Live content but with no nasty surprises along the way.

If you are looking to create more engagement with your live video, why not get in touch with our Accounts Director, Rosie at to find out how we can make your big day even more special.