Clinching awards is a lucrative business…

You don’t need to be a movie critic or celebrity stylist to realise it’s Awards Season! And, with the finale drawing close, we’ve already seen a host of cinematic hopefuls go through the nail-biting experience of becoming potential trophy-winners, some more victorious than others. Glamorous as it may be, this time of year is a serious affair for studios and their distributors as an award or nomination can mean big things when it comes to revenue.

A Win-Win Situation

Back in 2011, The King’s Speech was predicted to gross $30m worldwide before it was nominated for 15 Academy Awards. No surprises, it went on to win four Oscars and ended up taking home a massive $427m. Oh, one was pleased! Which, as you can see, is why pushing a movie’s calibre close to awards season is vital to, not only clinching those crucial votes, but enticing audience footfall, driving purchase and even reigniting sales for the studio’s back catalogue of Home Entertainment.

Award-Winning Content

At Zero Degrees West, we are proud to have worked on some truly inspiring winners and nominees this year, from big budget blockbusters like Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk to inspirational independents such as Chris. R. Watson’s Bagheera. No matter what the title, our objective remains the same: to showcase the title’s best aspects in the most inspiring way. And, with the Oscars just around the corner, why not feast your eyes on some impressive awards-season stats, plus a selection of our latest awards season creatives, in our glamorous infographic. The best of luck to all our nominated clients this year!