Actions have consequences…

The classic story of the caped crusader gets turned on its head in this interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ release by Warner Brothers.

There’s a rift in the Batcave, the dynamic duo are broken, and Gotham City is vulnerable to the dangers of the Joker and Ra’s al Ghul. Will Batman & Robin save the day? This time you choose! This unique interactive story puts you at the heart of the action. Will Robin Die? Will Batman catch the Joker? All their fates rest on your decisions.

Our innovative Creative lay in the realms of Instagram and Facebook, bringing the comic book movie to life in frame-breaking executions. Using unique features on social we gave audiences the chance to see how their decisions will play out.

Cinemagraphs, countdowns, carousels and Instagram stories graced the digital skies when the bat signal called. Dynamic motion content urged the user to rotate their phone, and see the action ensue in all its glory!

Warner Brothers


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