Social strategy, content creation and community management? No sweat.

From the theatrical release, to the Amazon Prime streaming platform launch, Zero Degrees West provided AmazonStudios with a full-service social management campaign to launch the inspiring turnaround comedy, Brittany Runs A Marathon.


We worked with AmazonStudios to develop a social strategy that would bring the personality and irreverent humor of the film to life across social channels – mimicking the emotional journey of a marathon to deliver the most hilarious, relatable and uplifting moments of the movie.


We targeted our female, millennial audience on their favorite social channels by highlighting Brittany’s hot mess hilarity via relatable memes, snackable clips and Brittany-inspired copy.

Drawing upon the movie’s star appeal, we spotlighted the notable cast by exploring the game-changers who help Brittany on her journey. We also encouraged organic peer-to-peer marketing by asking audiences to share their own experiences and struggles through our weekly, talent-led #MondayMotivation pieces. Plus, audiences could personalize their training and turnaround “Stories” with our unique Brittany Runs A Marathon sticker set, also perfect for sharing on a girl’s night out.

To keep the momentum going, fans were treated to raw, empowering “My Marathon” video messages from talent that fans could really identify with, as well as footage of the real-life Brittany promoting the movie’s release date to re-affirm the movie’s inspiring, true-story narrative.

As we hit each phase of the theatrical release, our ticketing assets ensured that every town knew we were coming, building excitement and encouraging word of mouth.


Our community management team was on hand at all times to re-share positive fan reviews as well as those who were inspired enough to take on a new challenge themselves, enabling us to form a solid community brimming with positive and infectious conversation.

Then, when the L.A. premiere came, we made sure we were there on the pink carpet pushing out real-time Stories and giving fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview to get them pumped.

And when Brittany Runs A Marathon launched on the Amazon Prime platform, we were there to celebrate the victory with more custom social content. Every step counts!

All in all, our strategy, content and community management ensured that Brittany Runs A Marathon cemented itself in people’s hearts, generating an army of fans who felt inspired to be positive, have fun and live their best lives. What more could you ask for?



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