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Celine Dion set to perform at London’s British Summer Time Festival, Sony Music wanted to use the opportunity to remind old fans of her iconic music and inspire new ones to fall in love with a legend.

We devised three creative routes: One to target core fans who knew her music well, the second to target audiences unfamiliar with her back catalogue and the third to promote the Amazon Alexa partnership.

For her core fans, we understood that they knew all the iconic tunes and so chose an experience that every true fan would cherish – a sing-a-long. Both our in-feed video and Instagram Story encouraged them to “Take the mic” and sing along using animated lyrics to guide them. A swipe up then invited them to continue the karaoke by directing them to her other hits online.

For new fans, we made sure it was clear from the start who they were watching with clear graphics and stunning clips of Celine at her finest. A mixture of her catchiest modern and classic tunes gave them a taste of what they had been missing, while clear call-to-actions gave them a direct route to stream more.

To let audience’s discover her music instantly at home using their Amazon Alexa, our Alexa video used sleek stylings and clear voice command messaging to make it clear what fans had to do. Pairing this with some of her most iconic hits, we ensured our command was hard to resist.

Our content successfully kept Celine front of mind in the lead up to the festival as well as driving thousands of fans, old and new, to stream her back catalogue of music, ultimately falling in love with an icon all over again.

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