Powerful, Courageous, Invincible…just what a social campaign should be

What have Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Gotham all got in common? Not only are they part of DC’s “Arrowverse”, but they are some of the top performing shows across US network CW with a collective viewship of around 14 million each week.

It was our duty to launch their Home Entertainment releases placing the event as the ultimate fanboy dream come true; to watch all their favourite episodes with no interruption.

All of our content appealed to our target audience by showing off the incredible action, engaging character moments (both light and dark), and thrilling sci-fi storylines that they crave.

We strategically created content to appeal to everyone – introductory content for the casual viewer, storyline teasers for those who were not caught up on the new season, and deep fan service for the hardcore DC enthusiasts.

Creating a style that was identifiable by fans was key, so all our content shared the same brand DNA but was explicitly crafted to highlight the show’s particular strength; such as our bat-swarm Gotham cinemagraph or Elongated Man’s character piece for The Flash.

Each title featured assets that could be used to highlight storylines from the season. However, having a tendency to crossover, we also devised a selection of flexible assets that could showcase all shows together giving Warner Bros. everything they needed to satisfy a time-poor audience.

We elevated each title across social channels to superhuman status as we recaptured old fans and secured new, delivering a powerful campaign that got Warner Bros.’s titles flying off the shelves…not bad for a team of mere mortals.

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