A campaign so spellbinding, you’d think it came straight from a magic briefcase…

With the release of Warner Bros’ Fantastic Beasts VR, fans of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World could encounter the creatures like never before. To launch the experience, and drive fan interest in the experience, we ignited the imaginations of Potterheads and, through exclusive talent access, invited them to step into Newt Scamander’s magic briefcase and meet the beasts that inhabit it.

Our campaign tantalised audiences with actual VR footage, and bewitching design. With access to the wizard himself, Eddie Redmayne, we were able to create talent-focused videos to ensure Potter fans were dying to try the experience for themselves. Our seamless albums and stunning 360 cinemographs immersed fans in magical environments, and put them face-to-face with the Fantastic Beasts – giving them a enticing glimpse at the new era of magic.

Go and grab your VR headset, and unleash your inner wizard!

Warner Bros.


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