A horror campaign full of the “share-factor”

After 27 years dormant, the flesh-hungry clown was back and our digital campaign was ready to propel him onto audience’s screens and inside their homes. Our array of sinister content invaded our target audiences’ social platforms, their ‘safe place’, feeding off their fear and curiosity with blood-curdling image & video content, themed around iconic symbols synonymous with the property.

Our 3 pillar digital strategy worked to draw audience’s closer across Instagram and Facebook, the core platforms for audiences of 18-44 males and females comprising of both hardcore horror fans, and those new to IT.

The Summer of ‘89

Playing off 80’s nostalgia and the relatable coming-of-age narrative of The Loser’s Club.  Reminding audiences of their favourite characters, scares gradually crept in as our content was rolled out.

This Town is Cursed

The town of Derry has a dark and sinister history.  Longer-form, in-universe pieces offered hungry fans a deeper dive in to the home of horror, with Easter egg-filled content designed for analysis and sharing.

Face Your Fears

In the lead-up to release, we unleashed Pennywise.  With unadulterated scares, Pennywise and his balloons were used as shorthand, making the campaign instantly recognisable by soon-t-be-terrified audiences.

By following this strategic rollout, we tapped into current nostalgia trends through 80’s character edits and faux tourist board intros of Derry, lulling audiences into a false sense of security before plunging them into the terrifying plotline via the likes of interactive game-play Instagram Stories and an Easter-Egg filled Facebook Canvas.

Not only did the physical release go straight to number one in it’s opening week, but our Bill & Bev character video was one of the top five best performing Warner Bros. assets throughout 2017, making the campaign a frightfully fierce success, securing over 2,300,000 engagements.

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