Promotion with x-ray precision

Radioactive tells the true story of the scientific and romantic passions of famous scientists, Pierre and Marie Curie, and their discoveries throughout the 20th century. A stellar cast stars in this beautifully shot movie from Amazon Studios.

The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie (Rosamund Pike) put her health on the line to turn her dream into a reality and save millions of lives with her breakthrough research on radioactivity. Our creative work to promote the film is a fitting tribute to this trailblazer.

Promoting the direct-to-platform Amazon Prime release of Radioactive via Facebook and Instagram, we focussed on the movie’s storyline, by celebrating female achievement and empowerment with our narrative-driven creative executions.

Incorporating the vibrant colours used throughout the movie, we created a dynamic split format AV & Motion suite to demonstrate the recurring theme of ‘cause and effect’ –  juxtaposing clips centred around the cause (her magnificent breakthrough discovery) and the effects (the life-changing capabilities this pioneering scientist made possible).

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