Taking Star Trek Beyond to meteoric heights

To launch the Home Entertainment release of Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, our PR team created a publicity strategy that celebrated one of the world’s biggest sci-fi franchises and brought fans one step closer to being a part of it.

The team’s expertise gained them access to the movie’s celebrated director and cast, guaranteeing a host of exclusive interviews across print, TV and radio. Through the promotion of exclusive content the Home Entertainment release secured great reviews across a number of publications and we even made every Trekky’s dream come true by partnering with Empire magazine’s editor in chief, James Dyer and Manpower UK to lead the search for the nation’s ultimate ‘Trekker’.

Our creative team helped gain maximum exposure for the event through a unique Starfleet recruitment video which achieved nearly half a million views on social, reaching national sites like Empire, Daily Star Online and Express.co.uk.

The campaign soared, reaching over 302,440,170 in its first week of release and taking home PR Initiative of the Year at the 2017 BASE Awards.

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