Unseen marketing forces at work…

Fortunately, unlike the titular character of the elevated horror-thriller, we saw the Universal Pictures team coming when they approached us to pitch for The Invisible Man. Working with both Universal Pictures US and International we couldn’t wait to see our spine-chilling assets make their way around the globe.

To get the hairs on our US fans’ necks standing up, we kicked things off by collaborating with our client to produce a bespoke Twitter emoji, which fans could only reveal by switching to Dark Mode. This innovative emoji concept quickly turned heads, with fan-sites picking up the activation. 

As the theatrical campaign progressed, we turned our attention to creating spine-tingling immersive content. Each asset was crafted to carefully build suspense and increase threat, and push the theme of being watched – from our terrifying targeted messaging cinemagraph, to our bone-chilling 360° audio piece featuring star, Elizabeth Moss. This audio experience put dynamic sound design to work to give audiences the unsettling sense that the Invisible Man was lurking in their own surroundings.  

Along with pushing the film’s horror appeal, we also highlighted its calibre as a psychological thriller, with a selection of AV assets that drive home Cecilia’s (Moss) battle to prove her sanity, and overcome trauma. Video content pushed the film’s themes of abuse and fighting back, all the while maintaining the mystery by concealing key plot beats. 

The Certified Fresh title was not only a triumph among critics, but also stormed the box office with a $28.9 million opening weekend in the US, launching it straight to the number one spot. 

We also had the pleasure of working with the Universal Pictures International team, creating countdown content and thrilling vertical videos for a range of markets to use as they collectively brought in over $100 million across territories. 

While the film’s formidable foe may wish to remain invisible, our captivating content made sure this title didn’t slip away unseen…

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