The making of ‘Mash’ Damon.

One of Ridley Scott’s biggest ever titles, the Home Entertainment campaign for The Martian was an opportunity for us to create some exceptional ideas and achieve an astronomical overall reach with a fully integrated campaign.

Our PR team worked to devise a campaign that would delve into the narrative of the movie through eye-catching activations and captivating press pieces.

They joined forces with Albert Bartlett potatoes and a world-renowned food artist to create ‘Mash’ Damon, a never-before-seen recreation of astronaut Mark Watney, using over 200kg of potatoes. Created by us, cake-pop solar system media drops picked up coverage from the likes of Kerrang and Metro, and commissioned articles and reviews won the title substantial national press coverage.

Helping leverage each angle of the campaign, our team created and trafficked the entire national TV, VOD and Radio campaign with Twentieth Century Fox bringing us back on board to execute the Extended Edition Press Ads and Steelbook.

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