“The answer is out there…and it’s looking for you”

The infamous trilogy was back in 4K and Warner Bros. catalogue team wanted to reignite audience adoration with some high-octane social marketing.

The challenge was how to communicate the epicness of the trilogy’s new 4K quality to mobile viewers without 4K technology. So, our assets utilised the genre defining action, iconic cast and infamous digital green stylings to announce this truly unmissable 4K viewing opportunity.

We reintroduced our iconic Matrix characters with stunning digital rain cinemagraphs reminding existing audiences of the movies’ timeless quality.

Our video carousel took time-poor audiences on a narrative journey with 15” recaps of each title, convincing fans that the upgraded dystopian trilogy was a home entertainment must have.

Our 30” hero piece gave action fans all they could consume with a montage edit of the unbeatable action moments from the entire trilogy, stimulating their appetite for a mind-blowing 4K experience.

The campaign did exceptionally well, achieving a quarter of a million engagements on Facebook alone and making Matrix 4K the next must have home entertainment collection.

Warner Bros.


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