Setting the stage for Universal Pictures’ historic release

We hopped on the tour bus to team up with Universal Pictures, creating some hip-hop lovin’, pop rockin’, musically magic content for Trolls World Tour along the way. 

Universal Pictures emerged as a bold trailblazer by ditching the traditional window and going straight to digital the same day as the theatrical release.  This daring strategy is something the industry had been toying with for years, but a stuck-inside, quarantined audience made the concept more tangible than ever.

Our suite of Snapchat and TikTok content spoke directly to ‘stay at home’ audiences, while celebrating this vibrant bunch of characters, their psychedelic landscapes, and their party-pumping playlists. From ‘Hammertime’ to ‘Kenny G’, the siren songs of our quarantine creative encouraged families and fans to escape boredom by taking a tune-filled trip on the Trolls World Tour

The industry had been watching to see how Universal Pictures’ bold gambit would play out, but the strategy paid off for our fuzzy-haired friends. Queen Poppy not only managed to unify all Trollkind in musical harmony, she also ruled the digital landscape by claiming the biggest digital release of all time.

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