Bringing Wonder to the digital campaign

Patty Jenkin’s heroic directorial entry into the DC Universe propelled Wonder Woman into a new league of cinematic class. And our Home Entertainment campaign aimed to show exactly that by focusing on the movie’s epic action, mesmerising cinematography and iconic central character.

Like the movie, our content needed to dominate on digital streams and grab the audience’s attention from the start. Our digital strategy celebrated Diana’s journey to becoming a true warrior, delving into the characters and action that made the movie unmissable.

Opening with bold page branding and striking countdown images, our campaign intensified with stunning cinemagraphs and seamless edits that captivated scrolling social dwellers. With the strong female cast fast becoming the main attraction, we created emotive character cinemagraphs and action edits that flaunted their undeniable power,

The campaign was triumphant, achieving over four million video views and receiving high praise across the board – reinforced by the fact the title jumped instantly to the number one spot on day of release in the US home video sales charts.

Warner Bros.


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