IT may be back to slay, but so is Zero Degrees West…

Much like the Losers’ Club, IT Chapter 2 brought about our return to Derry for a second bout with the formidable Pennywise in order to celebrate the home entertainment release.

Having been hooked by our chilling Book of Horrors video piece – which would go on to be shared by none other than filmmakers Andy and Barbara Muschietti themselves – Warner Bros. asked us to create several standalone pieces to mark the release, and the exclusive BTS documentary that came with it.

The client approached us with a concept that tied together both the young and old Losers’ Club, with a Carousel of character-centric videos, leading from one to the next. Using enticing graphics that were tailored to the format, our horror-loving audiences were encouraged by clever graphics to swipe through the Carousel, while gripping dialogue weaved the narrative throughout. Having brought the client’s vision to life, they were thrilled with the result – even if it led them right into the jaws of the killer clown.

As well as creating assets from the feature, we also transformed interview and BTS content into highly engaging assets. Not only did this include a series of interview video cutdowns with director Andy Muschietti and horror legend Roger Corman to spark conversation around the genre, but also a teasing look at the 2-part documentary featured on the Blu-ray release. Putting our AV and storytelling skills to work, the piece celebrated the creation of both IT titles, and gave fans a deeper look at the skills behind the scares.

While the prospect of Pennywise would cause many to turn and run, we swore a blood oath if the clown was to ever return, we’d deliver thumb-stopping assets. And we sure kept our promise.

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