As Villanelle might say, we don’t do discreet…

The multi-award-winning, hit TV show landed on screens for another round of elaborate murders (and even more elaborate outfits) with astonishing results. After the success of the first season, the follow up managed to see an incredible 87% rise in viewers and a legion of new fans.

With the show being streamed across the US, BBC Studios were after two stand out pieces of social content that could encourage fans to make Killing Eve Season 2 a permanent part of their viewing collection at home.

We knew exactly how to convince them – remind them why (like the main characters) they are so obsessed!

Our ‘How To Tell Someone Is Obsessed With You’ series gave audiences a tongue-in-cheek lesson on spotting overly keen companions by showcasing some of Eve and Villianelle’s most obsessive moments and highlighting the cat and mouse storyline fans couldn’t get enough of.

With nearly 40,000 views for a single video it was clear our assets gave them what they wanted. And, if that’s not enough to convince you, then why not see what the fans had to say…

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