For this heist, we wanted all eyes on the prize

With this star-studded, scheming action adventure, we knew exactly how to target our home entertainment audience – use the art of distraction to blow them away.

We hit our audience with a three-tiered strategy that used video to give us the cut through we needed and keep their attention.

Appealing to new and existing Ocean’s fans, we showed off this twist on a classic caper storyline with punchy, audience-pleasing narrative pieces.

We ‘conned’ them with a dynamic vault piece that used high-performing 4:5 dimensions to ensure they didn’t miss a thing. And used gamification to hold their attention while they searched for the “exchange” in our Sleight of Hand Instagram Story.

Showcasing our high-brow cast was a must and so our mesmerising full-screen character diamond pieces worked to show this movie was not one to be missed.

Facebook became our main mark; where we could reach our key demographic and existing franchise fans, while Instagram gave us the capability to seek out new audiences looking for visually engaging content.

Our campaign certainly produced the goods after bagging almost 200k engagements and sending the DVD and Blu-ray straight to number one spot in the week of release… The perfect ending to the perfect heist.

Warner Bros.


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